Kkryptic is Gearing Up for a Release in December

Originally from Denver, Colorado comes the newest artist by the name of Kkryptic. Being exposed early to different styles of music, such as hip hop, R&B, classical, rock, country, rap, and anything else you can think of, Kkryptic was exposed to it. Having this different kind of exposure to different sounds made her want to explore and become a versatile artist. In her earlier stages, she first made a song at the young age of four. Kkryptic and a small group of her friends wanted to try to make a band but soon realized it wouldn't work out. Her independent break for a music career came from her time spent singing in the choir and just being a band kid which made her become the artist she influences to be today.

Classifying her music she believes that Indie Rock, Pop, Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, and some other sounds as well influences the sound she produces today. Kkryptic feels her rhythms are catchy and impactful to the ear, flow is easygoing and fast-paced, and captivating. The tone of my music is lighthearted and impactful, but heavy and truthful. The lyrics are catchy and versatile with an open ending or a back story with a finish line. The artists that have inspired Kkryptic most are Mariah Carey, The Temptations, Green Day, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West. Among these artists Kkryptic also names Brittany Spears, Jaheim, Akon, T-Pain, Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, BoA, Reba, Missy Elliot, and Dr.Dre. These musical inspirations provided her to get out of my comfort zone to explore different experiments to create her own unique sound. Targeting an audience that has no age limit is Kkryptic’s idea to connect with her fans. Her personal sound is to show the audience that these other artists from the past influenced her current music now. She wants to attract them through my lyrics and use unique sounds that people haven't thought about since the old days. Creating around these influences brings back that older feel and sound to her music with a modern touch compared to her competition. The tempo of her voice has the ability to draw that audience in and with a voice that sounds healing to people and makes them feel calm. A nostalgic feel to the sound if you will.

As Kkryptic is an up and coming artist, she is very new to the scene. Getting her feet wet by performing in high school and performing with her choir group gave Kkryptic the chance to have a stage experience which made her want to expand and explore the music industry as a whole. She has always had a solid support system behind her to give her that push to show off her talents. Her peers and family always knew she was a shy singer but gave her the courage to showcase her talents.

Although she is new she knows she needs to network and connect with other artists and producers to help her make her first demo the way she envisions it, a musical accomplishment of hers is to get out of her comfort zone and to find a trustworthy team to help make her music a reality. It also goes to show Kkyrptic that all hard work can pay off and proves to others that grit is important in the industry.

Kkryptic’s plans on releasing in December of 2022 to introduce herself to the music scene before the end of the year. The title of this song release is called “Detour”. The song has a fun twist that has a variety of sounds that brings out hidden emotions to the audience and finds their true purpose. The song inspired her from past experiences that she has faced as a kid with her parents and their struggles to find themselves and bringing the dynamic to their relationship where she wanted her music to be that escape for them all. For them to try and come up with their own story. I want the audience to know that it's ok to be yourself while listening to the song and not feel judged where we've all struggled through something in our life, to embrace the darkest part of yourself. Over the next month keep an eye out for Kkryptic as she will be promoting her debut single through Spotify, Apple Music and other musical platforms. And look out for her social media via Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube to check out more from Kkryptic. Keep an eye out for @kkryptic.

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