Kid Cudi & A$AP Rocky collab in the works?

As if we weren’t excited enough when Tyler, The Creator first announced his 2019 tour with IGOR, it seems that Kid Cudi wants to jump on the tour wave and travel the globe with A$AP Rocky. There has not been an actual confirmation on this tour but can you imagine these two top notch MC’s headlining a joint tour in arenas around the world? Take a look at the tweet that started it all:

Kid Cudi recently went on Twitter and told fans to “Ask Me Anything”, needless to say people happily responded asking Cudi for a world tour. To our surprise, it seems that Cudi not only loved the idea but wants A$AP to tag along. It is clear that Cudi believes A$AP Rocky to be the perfect tourmate and A$AP seems to be hyped for it.

It really doesn’t get clearer than this folks, both rappers seem to have solidified the deal, but will this actually fall through? Cudi then quotes Rocky’s response on Twitter one more time to emphasize how ready he is to make this happen on a global scale. 

We have seen these two collaborate together in the past. Cudi has appeared on “A$AP Forever REMIX” and Rocky has featured on the Indicud album cut “Brothers”. It is clear that there is enough reason for these two legends to travel the globe together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed because this could be a tour of the ages.

            -Franklin Aguilar

Photo Cred: L to R: Seher Sikandar / Jørund Føreland Pedersen

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