KastroBandit Showing Out in 2022

KastroBandit may have dropped the tape of the year back in May. “The Masterpiece” still getting recognition till this day, shows Kastro’s strong potential to be a household name in the near future. Featuring New York’s famous drill sound, he puts his own spin on the genre and gives us Kastro’s version of what drill should sound like. Looking to get his city jumping, this collection of songs has done just that. Hoping his fans can each have their own personal favorite track, he made sure to include as many different vibes as possible.

Executed from start to finish, “The Masterpiece” truly shows the trials and tribulations of what life is like in New York as well as what it is like to prevail and become a star like Kastro has. If you have not had a chance to get in tune with KastroBandit, he is up next and will be releasing much more content in the coming months. Follow him @kastrobandit!

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