Joey Dimelo Has More Content On The Way After Recent Album


Growing up in Orlando, FL rising artist Joey Dimelo used his personal struggles and dealings as motivation towards his craft. Relocating to the DMV area, Joey had to adapt quickly to the fast pace life around him. As of recently, Joey Dimelo has delivered to his fans his first studio album. Finding his way in the industry by making catchy, upbeat Hip-Hop releases, Dimelo does a great job incorporating a Spanish sound into his music as well. Not only does Joey speak on his life, you can see he actually lives as he says in his music videos. Releasing videos to Mal Amor and Makes sense just before the album launched on all streaming sites, Dimelo gives his fans an inside look on his lifestyle. Stunting flashy cars and beautiful women, we can see Joey Dimelo has the game on lock.

As for Joey Dimelo’s future plans, I would not plan for a slow down anytime soon. If anything, Dimelo looks to keep his foot on the gas pedal as the year closes out. Already receiving a huge amount of support on Dimelo Vol. 1, Dimelo himself wants to keep pushing the narrative. With more visuals on the way, look to see Dimelo and his music rise to the top in 2022. If you have not had a chance to stream Volume 1, it is available on all major streaming platforms.



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