JAY SAVIOR x rebleTV - Interview

In today’s episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Bronx native, Jay Savior. 

Topics covered include:

-His Background and beginnings
-Musical Inspiration
-Creative Process 
-Discography (Latest Album X-Files)
-“This is it” moment
-Message to his audience & Future Aspirations

Jay had no issues getting personal with his roots. The young emcee speaks proudly of his humble beginnings and about the people around him. Recently, he dropped his latest project, “X-Files” composed of 8 tracks totaling at 22 minutes. When speaking on his discography, Jay takes us through a chronological explanation of what his goal was for each album leading up to his third gem, “X-Files”. He tells us, “People like songs from me that are exciting, fun songs like ‘Fuck My Night Up (FMNU)’ and ‘Red Rooms’... and those are like the top songs of the album [Sophomore Album: Zone Free].” So for “X-Files” he wanted to focus his theme around having a good time. “X-Files is fun… you’re gonna listen to it, you’re gonna knock, knock it in your car, BUMP that shit… it’s for all environments.”

When Jay first dropped “X-Files”, he did not reveal the song titles of the song. He wanted his audience to focus on purely listening to his lyrics and beats. “It’s like a blank slate,” he says “you’re not having a preconceived idea before you listen… just listen to it.”


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