Jatan Love's Passion For Music Began At An Early Age

Jatan Love is a musician from South Carolina whose love for music began at an early age through exposure to a variety of genres from gospel to rock and roll. After the passing of her best friend and grandfather, she discovered songwriting as a coping mechanism and became serious about pursuing music. With the help of a promotion company, she recorded 30 songs in four months and released her first single, “Cookout Everybody,” in November 2021. Love’s strengths as an artist lie in her songwriting and visionary abilities, allowing her to see her music videos before filming.

One of the struggles Love faces is her desire for perfection, which can be detrimental to her mental health. She is also learning to trust others with aspects of his music and not try to control everything. Love’s top musical inspirations include Michael Jackson, James Brown, Destiny’s Child, and Whitney Houston, among others, who each give a unique gift and message through their music. Her goal is to make people happy with her music and see them dancing and smiling.

Love’s biggest performance to date is a showcase in Miami, Florida, scheduled for March 2023, arranged by her team. She sees her music as a blend of eras and genres that complement each other and can reach any genre. Her musical journey has been a lot of work, time, money, sweat, and tears, but she emphasizes that patience, consistency, and hard work are essential to achieving success as an artist. Love’s music is a combination of her past experiences and a vision for the future, and she hopes to join the greats through her dedication and passion for her craft.

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You just add you creativity and cool with every move.
How can it not fall in the groove?

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