I R L Has A Catchy Vibe

I R L looks to put Massachusetts on the map with his latest track titled “DREAMER”. Targeting those who like modern EDM/Dance-Pop music, he wanted to create a release for the club scene. Looking to always be original with his sound and style, I R L using multiple genres in each of his songs, whether its trap influenced drums, dance inspired synth leads, or his R&B/Alternative inspired baselines, he has something for everyone who tunes in. 

Also featuring vocals from Avar, an artist rising from Germany, his catchy lyricism adds an extra leg to this track. When talking about how this track came to life I R L says, “I was given the raw vocals from Amar, and immediately went to work. With nothing but vocals I decided to build the instrumental from scratch and rearranged the vocals accordingly to fit my various pianos, synths, and bass.” Showing his true ability as a musician with this one, make sure to go check out “DREAMER” via all major streaming platforms right now!

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