How to Finesse a Beat with Ness

Ness, producer/artist, comes through for a quick interview and to show us how he makes a beat. During that time we talked, beginning’s, rap name, inspiration’s, and more.

Ness, shorthand for Finesse, has been making music since the ninth grade. He got this name because he is always finessing the beat’s he makes, given to him by the one and only Fuego Don. He began early with sampling but realized quickly it wasn’t for him. Then switched over to making his own beats from scratch.

Using the inspiration’s from some of his favorite artists, like Travis Scott and Playboi Carti, Ness cooks up intricate beats, like his personal favorite, Buu x Fuego Don.

Make sure to peep the video for a better look at Ness and his artistic talent.


Instagram: @ne55cash

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