Here Comes Cali Based Artist Luna Ross

Luna Ross was born in Russia but was adopted by another family in Los Angeles, California at the age of four. Luna Ross has been into music since a young age, learning how to play the drums which eventually led him to make beats. Later on in life he learned how to engineer vocals and how to self record. He has been making music for over a year now and it would be a mistake to put this versatile artist into one category. Luna Ross is not afraid to experiment with his sound and it’s a welcome change to the music scene. Gathering inspiration from artists such as: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Juice WRLD, MGK, blink-182, Lil Peep, and XXXTENTACION. Luna Ross plans on releasing “New Wave” sometime in March 2022.“Insomnia I’m sleep deprived. I’ve been up all night. Stuck in the stu. Clock struck 5.”-Luna Ross 2022 (Lyrics from “New Wave”) 

 “This shows what I was going through on a daily basis and shows my work ethic and my problems with drug use as I make music.”- Luna Ross 2022

 On this project Luna Ross talks about his struggles with being an artist and how he overcomes these feelings as he is trying to become larger than life. The inspiration for this release comes from Luna Ross trying to find himself and elevate the way he thinks about life. Luna Ross is open about his struggles with mental health and pours his feelings into his art. Luna Ross wants all of his fans to know that everyone has issues but everyone can find a way out of the abyss we all sink in. Make sure to check out the rest of Luna Ross’s discography on Spotify and Apple Music along with the upcoming release of “New Wave” soon to drop in March 2022.

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