HBE AKIRA Releases New Single "Gonna Love Me"

Using music as way to express himself and the life around him, rising artist HBE AKIRA has been on point. He looks to put on and help the music scene as a whole, with his unique styles. Making Pop and Hip-Hop music that blends many genres and elements of music, AKIRA has been able to build a solid fanbase the last year. Utilizing rhythms and flows unlike many artists we see in today’s game, he carries a legitimate musical talent unlike any other artist out. With 2022 underway, he has been on go mode already. Releasing a single titled “Gonna Love Me” at the beginning of March, this is just the start!
Looking to reach those who have never heard his name or music, he hopes this track can be the one that gets them hip and in tune. With this track also a tease as whats to come on his EP “Birth of Akira”, we expect to see similar sounds when it releases. Until then make sure you check out his latest breath-taking single “Gonna Love Me”.  His discography can be found on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to get in tune before its too late, as this may be the year we see HBE AKIRA take over and rise to the top!

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