ggManii Capitalizing on his Realism in his Lyrics

ggManii, an upcoming rapper from Brooklyn, New York is coming off of the release of his new single “ANLLD!” and does not plan on stopping there; he has huge plans for 2023. After releasing a singles this past year, ggManii is ready begin crafting his debut tape, “LSM” (Lifestyle Music). We spoke with the artist about his style and inspiration. His hustle and wisdom stems from having to grow up at a young age in New York. “Experimental, real life style music” is what he used to describe his music, and uses it as an outlet to demonstrate how he walks around and perceives everyday life. A big inspiration for ggManii is to keep going and chasing the goals his family, friends, and loved ones have watched him pursue since 2017. It’s the people around him that motivate and push ggManii to be the best artist and man he can be. He prefers to work alone due to the different levels of focus among artists in this industry. When asked what separated him from the reast, the artist replied “I’m real, no other comment”. 
ggManii is working on his single “Almighty Days Before” and an EP called “GeekLife”. He plans on shooting videos for some upcoming and previous releases. This is only the beginning for ggManii, he is determined to his craft and has a message that his audience needs to hear. With EP’s, projects, and singles on the way, stay tuned in with ggManii on Instagram @mainfeed.ggmanii.

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