Get To Know Rising Artist Lo Maine

Born and raised in Spartanburg, Carolina, Lo Maine is rising to stardom in the music industry. Where he grew up, Lo Maine had to create his own opportunities due to the tumultuous environment. It was the type of environment that you either eat or get eaten. Lo Maine realized that he had to seek and create opportunities in order to make the best out of whatever the situation may be. Speaker Knockerz inspired him to get into the music and he was encouraged by his passion and energy. Lo Maine’s music falls under the category of melodic rap. Throughout his music journey, he has put in countless hours into producing music and learning the business of the music industry. Lo Maine has extreme passion and dedication for music. In addition to being an artist, Lo Maine can engineer, read pitches, and write music. Contemporarily, he is working on developing his craft in the studio and continuously learning about the business operation of the industry. Mainstream artists that he derives inspiration from include Knock, Lil Durk, Future. His first and largest performance occurred in Easton, Massachusetts at one of his friends' houses. Everyone there knew the words to his music and was vibing to it. Lo Maine loved the energy and passion that the audience created. There are simply not many events in life where people get that into it. The performance completely changed his outlook on music and performing. Collectively, Lo Maine has over 500,000 streams on different platforms. Within the next set of months, Lo Maine plans on releasing All Oddz Ep. He wants to focus on connecting with fans and music in order to develop a fan base. Recently, he released My Endz on October 1st of this calendar year, showcasing his versatility. My Endz gained significant recognition from those in the music industry. Lo Maine released the highly anticipated music video on YouTube this past November 30th. The music video was a big statement for Lo Maine and was able to showcase his talent during the music video. As an up and coming star in the industry, Lo Maine is developing as an artist and becoming a pioneer for the Carolinas. He illustrates his catchy melodies and subtle style. The song is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, tidal, and all other major streaming platforms. Contemporarily, the music video has over 95,000 views on YouTube and Lo Maine envisions it as a monumental statement. Fans in the industry are taking notice and he is gaining more listeners. Throughout the past couple of years, he has gone through a multitude of adversity. He went through and as a lot through his upbringing, developing the cut throat mindset that he has today. Everyone can learn from their losses and tough times instead of dwelling in the past. Through it all, Lo Maine has stood tall through it all and is focused on his passion, music. He has his eyes set on developing his craft as an artist and releasing music. My Endz received the most views out of any of his prior songs. A noteworthy lyric from the track, “I’m just a product of my Endz, anybody around me got a problem we gone spin. My duffle bag is what I’m in yeah”. He is preparing to release his next Ep, titled “All Oddz”, early in 2022. Lo Maine envisions that the next Ep will be another monumental statement. He forecasts that his up and coming releases will be his best music yet. As of now, his main focus is creating music so that listeners in the industry can discover his music. He is looking to capitalize on all of the opportunists that come his way. Lo Maine has the talent, right now he is working on gaining the exposure. Go follow @2lomaine_ on Instagram to keep up to date with his journey as an artist.

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