Get To Know Geniio

Geniio, an artist from Daytona Beach, Florida has been gaining traction. Moving a lot as a kid and being exposed to over ten different cities, this helped fuel his music passion as he saw a lot of influence in each environment. Looking the part from day one, Geniio was a flashy dresser and someone who could freestyle very well. With his friend’s telling him he was basically the full package, this influenced him to become a serious recording artist. As for his sound it could be classified as a form of punk and cloud rap. With exciting and artistic components, his music can also be found to be exhilarating, provocative and lyrical. Also being a versatile and unique artist, his tracks have always stood out since his career began in 2019. Receiving inspiration from artists like Travis Scott, Lil Uzi, Young Thug, and Kanye West, he hopes to be on the forefront of the industry soon.

As for now, Geniio has been consistent as ever. Releasing eight singles and an album in 2022, he has been creating music at a high level. With his recent album “My Bitch A Hoe Anyway” gaining lots of traction, Geniio prepares to give his supporters the deluxe early on in the new year. Make sure to check out his discography in the meantime as Geniio can be found on all major platforms and on Instagram @harleywearshermes.

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