Get to Know: Bryan DeShaun

Born in Inglewood, California but now putting Texas on the map. Bryan DeShaun is an up-and-coming artist in the industry, and it was the motivation of knowing he can make a change in someone’s life as a vessel of God. Growing up in the environment that he did, Bryan had a love for music and did his family growing up, so it’s been in his blood. His music provides him a platform to dictate his emotions. Bryan’s music can be classified as Christian Hip-Hop, with a mix of R&B. Bryan has been making music his whole life, he has stayed true to his ambition ever since he started. He is noteworthy for the creative songwriting within his music, implementing melodies and hooks. He portrays his life through his music and enacts creative lyrics and songwriting over up-tempo flows. Bryan is working on developing his fan base by ensuring that he will put out his best work for his audience to give people what they want to hear. He is working on communicating and connecting with his fans to start to create a buzz for his name. Bryan has been working on building his craft throughout his musical career and not letting anything slow him down. Bryan ending the year with a new EP titled “Redeemed” which he dropped on August 20th, 2022. His strength as an artist is that he is patient with his craft and perfects his sound. The EP “Redeemed” delineates his creative lyrics and punchlines through the song. He plans on dropping more singles this year as well along with visuals for his content. Through his craft, Bryan is able provide his point of view where he can connect with his fans. He plans to continue to mix and master his music to perfect his sound as well as networking and engaging with other artists to build his career as a musician. Keep an eye out for Bryan on Instagram, @_bryandeshaun_, to keep up to date on his upcoming releases that will only add to his legacy and journey as an artist.

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