Get To Know Artist Mike Paradize

Originally from Orlando, Florida and now dominating in Alabama Mike’s Paradize is looking to dominate elsewhere. Music that sounds like the feeling of fresh air with a little funk mixed in, his R&B style is surely unique. His musical journey started out in his youth when going to church and participating in talent shows, winning himself trophies and the mindset to become one of the  greats. Mike’s Paradize was inspired by the likes of Jamie Foxx, Brian McKnight, Jagged Edge, Ginuwine, and Tank. Mike’s Paradize was like a sponge soaking up everything he could as a child. His mother would play the Body and Soul CD while in the car which influenced him greatly into the man he is today. The way they deliver and appeal to audiences is what Mike’s Paradize has captured in his arsenal. His biggest performance to date was when he was ten years old performing at his childhood church and ever since then performing is all he has wanted to do. As of right now Mike’s Paradize’s biggest accomplishment to date is releasing his first single and fans should keep their eyes on him because bigger things are coming. 

Within the next sixty days Mike’s Paradize plans on releasing more music through an EP but first a new single called “All of Me '' will be released on July first 2022. With the help of his producer Sutro Didit and songwriter Terrance Demongye, Mike’s Paradize’s team was able to put together something truly magical. The song’s delivery is what captures listeners attention, his unknown versatility and powerful cadence tie together the track into a must listen for any R&B fan. Mike’s Paradize wants his fans to know to love yourself first and foremost and to love others the way you want to be loved. Make sure to set a reminder on your phone for July first because Mike’s Paradize’s newest single “All of Me” is dropping that day. Don’t forget  to check out his single “Night Fall” on Spotify and Apple Music along with his Instagram @Mikes_paradize for future updates.

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