Fuego Don is a Trenton-native artist that’s ready to unleash the magnitude of his melodic, unfiltered discography with his latest single, "HEARTLESS" off his upcoming album, "LIMBO VOL. 2".

 His consistency in music content stretches in a span of three years, along with his six project releases in the duration. According to rebleTV's 2018 interview, he describes his record's first volume of Limbo as a "place between heaven and hell":


"I feel like every day, that’s what I’m living in - it’s like not good but it’s not bad," he states during the interview. He relates the concept to its description in literature, where the state of being stuck is what is relative to his music.


"I feel stuck all the time, I feel conflicted all the time. Every decision I make, I overthink. I just feel conflicted with it so it’s like… Limbo is just me at my most vulnerable." he says.


 After two years later, "HEARTLESS" steps into the spotlight of his next volume, introducing his insight to the trauma he endured. As he describes the feeling of heartlessness as being numb, he elaborates on how he has channeled its complexity in his single:


"There wasn’t a sole inspiration behind the track. I threw the beat on and freestyled what I had in my head and built the song from there," he stated. He continues by saying that his mood [at the time] was his main inspiration. 


Although the song itself is not directed towards a specific person, he references his lyrics to a woman he met in Philly who commented on how heartless he was. 


"It didn’t change how she felt about me, she understood why I am the way I am," he claims. 



His interrelations with drugs was also a driving force within the single. He feels like its relation is a "double-edged sword" in addition to the nature of his music stemming from facing split decisions. In his words, he reveals that this is the closest he has gotten to expressing what goes on inside his head.


 As “Heartless” unravels the introduction to Limbo Vol. 2, fans and supporters shall wait in anticipation for its official release date for the project as of now. The speculations and rumors claim that fans may be receiving another single before the official release towards the end of the summer. 




Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk


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