Freddie Gibbs Shares Hot Take On The Current Rap Game

If you have been an active follower within the realm of rap and Hip-Hop, you would witness and understand the everchanging eras the genre has experienced within the past couple of years. The nature of quick trends in music, alongside with the variety of rappers that come and go, Freddie Gibbs delivered his take on the current climate of the rap game in this recent tweet:




 Although, many rappers have broke through this assessment given by Gibbs, his criticism breaks through the blinding barrier of how the lack of longevity in one's rap career is not as apparent as it was in his own era. This sparked debate under his simple yet significant observation, take a look at the responses below:






His ideology within where the genre rests is a clear indication that a conversation needs to be discussed, surrounding the new principles of success in this industry. Has the artistic ability to express individuality without falling into the depths of copycat artists, short-term rap success or trend-chasing for the bag avoidable? Let us know what you think about his tweet and the underlying message to the hip hip community below.




Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk


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