Forever Hunnit Has Been Consistent As Ever

Born and raised in  Southeast Washington DC Forever Hunnit is ready to change the rap scene. Music has always been a part of his life, starting out by playing the snare drum in fifth grade and along the way learning the bass guitar, piano, and drums. In August of  2016 Forever Hunnit dropped his first mixtape From Da Feds To Da Field and in June of 2021 he dropped his first EP titled Forever Hunnit under his own record label FOREVER HUNNIT DA LABEL LLC. Forever Hunnit has faced jail time and still came out on top proving to the world that music is his to conquer. Forever Hunnit is a versatile artist, mixing rap with R&B while delivering crazy bars and having a real ear for music. Inspired by 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Lil Wayne, and Nipsey Hussle, these artists showed him what success from a young age should look like and Forever Hunnit strives to do the exact same and is doing so. His biggest performance to date is performing in Geneva Switzerland in front of thousands of people, a chance most artists don’t get. Forever Hunnit knew he could not miss such a big opportunity and absolutely killed it on stage. 
Forever Hunnit just dropped a new single called “WORLD WIND” and plans on releasing a music video in the upcoming weeks. “WORLD WIND” is about the hardships and struggles of the streets. Forever Hunnit’s style and delivery is what separates him from other artists, being authentic and real is a sure fire way to stay relevant in the rap scene and never fade away. Forever Hunnit is eager to keep coming out with new music, each one having its own distinct concept while still remaining true to his sound. He envisions that his music will gain exposure and fans will take notice. The overall message from this new release is that Forever Hunnit is not worrying about what anyone is doing right now because he is caught in his world wind. Make sure to check out the rest of his discography on Apple Music and Spotify along with his YouTube page Forever Hunnit for his next music video “WORLD WIND” dropping soon.

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