EmanuelDaProphet Showing The World What Gospel Music Is All About

EmanuelDaProphet is an upcoming artist hailing from Michigan but currently living in Columbus, Ohio. Being doubted at the start of his career in 2020 and not receiving much support, he has completely made a full 360 with his career. EmanuelDaProphet can be considered a catchy, Gospel artist that releases music that blend elements across many different genres like Rap and HipHop as well. He also carries a hard hitting flow that incorporates realism into the lyrics and provides and story with each of his songs as well as eye catching content.

With his latest EP titled “Road to Glory”, EmanuelDaProphet was able to make a major splash with this 6 track collection. Featuring his unique sound and clean lyrics, we have not seen an artist accomplish this type of feat. The song that seems to be doing the most damage is “My Story”. Hoping to reach those going through a tough time in there life or need a change of plans, he wants them to know anyone can make a change for the better. When asked about where his inspiration derived from for this EP he said, “Got to give it to God, honestly”. With that being said we hope you can find some peace in Emanuel’s music and use it for your own personal healing. With much more content in the works, 2022 might just be the year EmanuelDaProphet rises to mainstream status. 

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