E11even Putting Philly On His Back

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, E11even rises above the competition. E11even has been surrounded by rap since a young age through the people he knew growing up, in middle school where the other kids would rap battle and for him Rap was a way to block out all the outside noise. E11even was always into poetry and was not a fan of talking to others so whenever he would feel some type of way he would write. Write about a certain person or whatever was going on in life. Poetry helped E11even become the free expressing artist he is today. Later on he started to write lyrics to existing songs that he thought he could do better. During the beginning stages of the Covid-19 pandemic he joined a live streaming app that allowed him to rap and a fellow artist took notice saying she would pay for his studio sessions. This assured E11even that what he was doing was the right thing, if someone would take a chance on him why shouldn’t he believe in himself. If you are looking for someone who is not afraid to express themselves and is able to deliver truth in their music, E11even is the artist for you. 


Within the next sixty days E11even plans on dropping a new single called “Sharifa” which is a song talking about a special woman. The song is also about and inspired by how difficult the first heartbreak is for someone or the first moment you mess up with a good person. E11even is a talented and hungry artist looking to give others like himself a way to block out the outside world and get lost in the music.  E11even wants his fans to know that real love still exists. Love is about both people in the relationship being happy with each other and for each other. Being able to express yourself freely without the fear of judgment and to just be there for each other during times of need. Make sure to check out E11even on Spotify and Apple Music along with the rest of his discography and especially his fan favorite songs “Relax” and “Too $aucy”.

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