Dre Flight Drops New Music

Rising Rap/HipHop artist Dre Flight has been creating his own lane for quite some time. Looking to really put the pressure on this year, he is back with a collection titled “Flight Armstrong 2”. Not being afraid to break boundaries and step out of comfort zones as far as the norms go in the music industry, Dre Flight carries a unique style of music for his listeners. Growing up in St Louis, Missouri but later raised in multiple other states, this gives Dre many things to talk when he records and speaks on the different cultures and styles of living he was exposed to. In doing so, he is able to relate with just about anybody out there. Releasing his first album back in 2020 titled “Misunderstood”, this was the what got the ball rolling for Dre Flight. Receiving a solid amount of support on this project, Flight released 2 more singles in that same year, and another in 2021 titled “Drug Affairs”.

As for 2022, he looks to keep dropping consistently as well. With this 16 song collection, Dre hopes he has a song for everyone on there. With lots in store for this year, this is just the start. Making a clear statement throughout this album that people will always come and go in your life, its up to you to stay on the path that was designed for you, something Dre Flight wants his listeners to take away. If you have not had a chance to check this release out, it is currently available via all major streaming platforms and also be on the lookout for new music coming soon from Dre Flight.

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