Drake's Lead Single Allegedly Arrives with Bruno Mars for 'Skeleton King'

This is one of those times where we didn't know we needed a collaboration like this, until now. Speculations are spilling that Drake's first lead single for his upcoming album, titled 'Skeleton King' will feature Bruno Mars which will arrive earlier this week or later.


These two have yet to confirm or deny these rumors, as media sources are brewing up the possibilities of what has yet to arrive. According to OnSmash, the unofficial album release date will be August 28th, making this his sixth studio album. After their publishing, they concluded their judgment by stating that the information seems believable at the moment.


So far, their fanbases are either here for the soon-to-come collaboration or writing it off completely. Take a look at the responses:



Seems like Drake is coming for the Billboard Hot 100 spot real soon, given that his latest releases have been trending such as, "POPSTAR", "GREECE", "Only You Freestyle" and more. How do you feel about the rumored collaboration? Do you think 'Skeleton King' will become the next No. 1 for Drake? Let us know in the comments below.




Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk


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