Dr. Dre & Nas Signals Speculation of Upcoming Music

Earlier this morning, Complex Ambition dropped a tweet showing legendary hip-hop figures, Dr. Dre and Nas have recently linked up in the studio, with the possibility of new music coming soon.


Although, Dre has stepped away from the beat-producing process, he has been supplying his historic knowledge as a creative consultant and sound engineer. One of their few collaborations, such as "Nas Is Coming", symbolized redirecting the driving focus of the era towards music, in hopes to settle the mid-1990's east coast-west coast hip-hop feud.


 Los Angeles-based rapper, Slim Da Mobster, was also spotted in the images, adding onto the suspense of what has yet to come from the union of these hip-hop icons. For now, the idea that Dre will be playing a part in constructing the sound of Nas' rumored upcoming album, remains a mystery.


If one of hip-hops most impactful, influential producers is involved, you know we might be taken on a trip through the ages with this one. Are you looking forward to witnessing another collab with Dr. Dre and Nas? Let us know in the comments below.




 Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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