Digzz Makes Music For All Types of Listeners

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan rising artist Digzz makes relatable music for all. His environment has effected the music his makes, showing the pain and hustle side of the city he is from. Seeing family and friends go through life changing situations to his own life changing situations it also influenced the wordplay and style of the beats he creates, even down to the way he engineer’s his music. Using a versatile flow and style, he also incorporates lyricism into his music. Without relying on one specific genre, Digzz music can be for anyone. When he first started out he was not taking music as serious as he does now, progressing from making beats in his car back in 2010, to now owning and operating his own recording studio. Using inspiration from artists like Kanye West, Timberland, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, he harps on their creative side.

With 2022 just starting, Digzz has high hopes for the new year. Dropping a brand new single titled “What It Is”, he hopes to touch those who like a more chill vibe. He has much more content in the works for his fanbase as well. If you have not had a chance to check out his latest single or any of his discography, it is available via all major streaming platforms. Also make sure to keep in tune with his social profiles as he posts snippets and release dates for the upcoming work.


IG: @diggzzxsnow

Twitter: @diggzzxsnow

Facebook: @snowgangdiggzz

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