Dee2Flee Shows His True Potential With "God's Hands"

Dee2Flee has released a new track called “God’s Hands” on December 9, 2021. “God’s Hands” is a track for those who need to be reminded to keep their heads up in the midst of difficult times. Dee2Flee took his time to make sure he gets his message across that of which is always have faith through rough times because believing in yourself is what will get you out of that slump and come back stronger than before. 

“Emerging from a dark place yet I still sprout, but it’s still hard to pour my feelings out.” 

This double entendre is a masterful lyric as it speaks about a dark place meaning Dee2Free’s experience moving away from the hood to become a better version of himself or a dark place meaning overcoming depression and other mental health issues. If you are looking for more insightful and well crafted lyrics Dee2Flee is an artist that provides meaningful lyrics regularly. Make sure to tune in to “God’s Hands” and check out his other discography on Spotify along with Apple Music.

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