Dbnair MBW Spreading His Versatile Sound

Dbnair MBW is making major waves in New York spreading his versatile sound everywhere he goes. Dbnair could be described as a mix of R&B, Rap and Pop. His sound is very full and contains a lot of harmonies, something he gets from his early R&B influences. As a producer himself, his instrumentals are fun and always contain different components within them, similar to pop records. Showing this off throughout his entire catalog of singles, his most recent release ‘Born Outcast’, an EP, is still getting recognition. Being an artist that is “complex” means more than just rapping to rap, which Dbnair embodies to the fullest. Making sure each and every release he puts on the market has its own specific message.

Not only does Dbnair MBW have the vocals on lock, his stage presence is also something to note. With just a few shows under his belt so far, each one has had a huge showing even some ending with his fans chanting his name as he excited the stage. With a performance at the SOB’s in NYC in September, this is his biggest show to date. Looking to keep his fans on their toes, Dbnair has much more content and videos in the works currently. For now make sure to keep streaming his catalog which can be found via all major streaming platforms under “Dbnair MBW” and on Instagram @dbnair.mbw.

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