Chris Brown Debuts New Tattoo On His Head

Chris Brown has no problem sharing to the public his plethora of ink art, and the public was not expecting this new addition to reside on his dome. The ancient Greek statue, Venus de Milo, is no longer the only statement piece on his head. Take a look at his latest piece below:



The dog tattoo is allegedly inspired by the logo for Tuff Crowd, a luxury streetwear brand founded locally in Woodland Hills, CA in 2018. Celebrity tattooist, GANGA, created the piece for Brown along with his Nike's Air Jordan 3 Sneaker face piece from February. 



 Currently, Brown is in the process of building his album, Breezy, which will be his tenth studio album. There has not been any updates regarding the previous social media uproar upon rumored VERZUZ battle between him vs. Usher in late May. 


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Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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