CHECK OUT: “Gemstones” by LUI$A

Lui$a is an independent artist from New York, currently living in Prishtina, Kosovo. Her music is a mix of 2000's R&B with today's trap music, which is heavily influenced by the urban life of Prishtina and Manhattan.

By combining both of these cultures, she presents a modern and diverse style that can be showcased in her songs. She hopes to bring a new sound that is contemporary but yet impactful and distinctive to the mainstream scene.


She is currently working on an EP and has released 2 original songs with her own beats. Additionally, she’s dropped other projects such as covers and beats. “I want to influence the youth to produce and create, to accept their flaws, and unleash their creativity through art.” She tells rebleTV.

Check her out across all major streaming platforms and be sure to stream “Gemstones” 💎


Written by Franklin Aguilar

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