Catchy Artist The Lost City Has Been Building His Fanbase

The Lost City is a Rap and Alternative hailing from the beautiful city of San Diego, in California. By playing the cards he was dealt growing up, he used his personal struggles and dealings as motivation towards his musical craft. Showing himself how to actually record and perfect his musical sound, The Lost City has been focusing on this for many years. The Lost City can be considered a catchy, upbeat Rap artist that releases music that blend elements across many different genres like new age alternative, pop, and rock.

With his wide variety of releases, The Lost City hopes his discography holds a song for everyone. Working on creating new content for 2022, he has been working tremendously hard on coming through for his fans. In this new year we should expect to see nothing less than what The Lost City accomplished in 2021. Utilizing social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, he has been able to show the recording process and how he has been creating the new music via videos he posted to his page. Make sure to keep up to date with his social media pages and music profiles as he gears up to drop new music very soon. Until then, keep streaming singles like “Mango Flavored Candy” which can be found via all major streaming platforms!

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