CashGerm Making The Most With The Cards He Was Dealt

CashGerm is taking the Midwest by storm with his latest music video release ‘3 Shit’. Using music as his creative outlet to express him more as he grew older, Cash combines punchy and ambient vibes with distinct production in his music. Starting out just for fun on less than favorable equipment quickly turned into an impressive home studio as well as regular trips to prestigious studios to polish the tracks up. With inspiration and motivation by his cousin and seeing the massive success and creativity of Chris Brown he kept going and make it happen.
Even though Germ faces budgeting issues and professional backing he still managed to land an Internet Money beat placement for his upcoming single ’No Phone Calls’ that will soon have a release date. Targeting anybody with interest in ambient music with motivations to more riches and success, Cash uses his storytelling to captivate his fans. His versatility and uniqueness keeps his fans on the edge of their seat between releases. His message to everybody is that you can do anything you put your mind to and Manifestation is real!
Check out the video for ‘3 Shit’ at the link below and stay tuned to CashGerm on IG @cashgerm

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