Bys.Pistol and His Music Are Here To Stay

Born and raised in the city of Americus, Georgia, Bys.Pistol is rising to stardom as an artist. Growing up in the environment where it was eat or be eaten BYS knew making music was his way to eat. He was able to connect and pour his motivation and emotion in his craft. Bys.Pistol creates new flows and melodies while receiving inspiration from the same artists that he has always listened to and looked up to as role models in the industry. He has an intense passion for music and really believes that music is what he was put on this earth to do. Additionally, he is eager to create and produce more music and the ability to give his fans more content. Bys.Pistol is a melodic rapper with a great deal of versatility within his music. Although he can produce fast paced music and types of rap beats, most of his music tells a story. His music derives from his feelings and feels natural. The past few months, Bys.Pistol has been recording on his own as a solo artist. He is determined and has been working on his craft. He can bring a lot of energy to his listeners through his music. Even if the song is fast paced and condescending, his presence in his music can be felt. Throughout the process, Bys.Pistol constantly battles all the stress that comes from being an artist mentally. His cousin GBBy who passed away but has motivated and formed Bys.Pistol to only go harder and get to the top. His cousin has cultivated Bys.Pistol as a person, and Bys continues to carry on the name. A monumental step in his life as an artist was when he decided to start to work with Untitledexport MGMT to help take control of his career. Bys.Pistol is known for being versatile & unique while making his music. Recently, working on a Album titled “Words From a Young Blessed Savage” which is going to create a buzz to Bys.Pistol’s platform as an artist. He plans to keep pushing content out to stay consistent for his audience as well as dropping a visual later in the new year. He envisions that his music will gain exposure through the new release and fans in the industry will take notice. Contemporarily, he is focused on building a fan base. Go follow @Bys.Pistol on Instagram to keep up to date with his musical journey.

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