BTD Dotta Putting on for Florida

BTD DOTTA has been elevating his game for quite some time. With a rough upbringing and having to deal with multiple traumatic events, DOTTA has prevailed and chosen music as a way to tell his story. Born in Hollywood, Florida then moving to The Keys shortly after, he is now in the Pompano Beach area, still putting on for Florida.

Hoping to connect people through his music and raw emotion, BTD DOTTA is a super organic artist. Using his lyricism to let his audience know how he is feeling, his songs are more than just a bunch of bars bragging about why he's the best. Instead, his releases contain versatility and look into BTD's real life. As for his sound, it contains elements of new generation Hip/Hop and Rap.

Starting this year off with a single titled "How I'm Feelin", he set the tone on how he wanted 2022 to go. Following up with another single "Soulja", both releases have visuals to go along with them with a combined 70,000+ views on Youtube. Ending the year on a high note, DOTTA has released "Next To Leave" featuring his strong lyrical ability. With much more content in the works, make sure to stay tuned in to BTD DOTTA in 2023.

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