Broward County Artist MOST has been on the Rise

Broward county artist MOST has been on the rise for quite some time. Utilizing his rap aura and melodic singing style, he collabs these sounds extremely well. Carrying an organic message among his raps, he speaks on things he has seen growing up and the struggles of him and his closest friends. “MOST” brings a solid work ethic to the table as well, not giving up when he easily could have. 2023 seems to be his year, putting his gas on the petal full throttle.

As for MOST’s release schedule, he has been consistent as ever. Linking with the visual genius @blakpro, MOST has been able to capture steady content for his supporters. Releasing four videos to his Youtube page in the last four months, they have all surpassed 50,000 views. His latest “What About Me” is still climbing as his fans wait patiently for new music. 

As for his upcoming releases, MOST has been creating all types of vibes. His next release set to drop is titled “Never Seen It Coming”. Targeting multiple genres with this one, he hopes to touch those who have maybe never given his music a chance. Speaking on situations and setbacks within this track he also hopes to teach his listeners some life lessons. In the meantime you can find all his music and any updates on his Instagram page @most.1ewab.

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