Blasia Drops Visuals to 'Winter' off Debut EP "Dragons & Hearts"

 When it comes to upcoming talent, young New Jersey artist Blasia is ready to be among the top of the list. Raised in China but now calling Bergen County home, the black and Chinese native's musical versatility is as diverse as his heritage. "Being biracial was such a large part of my upbringing and incorporating it into my name was very important to me," he says. As a child, he was always into music but didn't quite realize that this was his calling until the age of 14 when Blasia would go into his father's studio and playfully study all of the equipment. This is how he taught himself production and would go on to discover his passion for music. Fast forward a few years later and he now finds himself dropping the first visual to his single "Winter" off his debut EP Dragons & Hearts.

 Blasia has been creating for about four years now. "I always have to feel inspired first." he says when asked about his creative process. "Maybe I’ll get inspired from a song, a movie, or an experience that made me feel something. Then I’ll make a beat in that vibe and say what I feel on it." The young artist states that "Winter" is one of his most special tracks because it's expressing the portrayal of himself along with otherworldly fashion. He talks about how his experiences during that time describe what he was feeling and going through mentally--explaining how he was portrayed by others in his own mind.

The inspiration behind his EP hailed from simply having fun and trying to get a taste of the music industry. Blasia was more than ready to finally drop his first full body of work. When people listen to the project, he wants them to listen to his vibes and start to understand his artistic direction when it comes to his production. "I wanna change peoples lives with my music and really connect with the youth--have my voice and message heard on a mass scale." To many, his dreams and aspirations may sound crazy and hard to reach. But to Blasia, it's just a matter of time.



 Blasia wants to come out with his first full length Mixtape or Album and connect with his core fan base in order to continue to build on his musical empire. The upcoming Superstar states, without hesitation, "I want to get rich as fuck." Talk about having a wealthy mindset. Sometimes we have to speak things into existence.

Finally, when asked to give a message to his supporters Blasia kept it short and to the point:

"Blasia loves you, keep striving and never let external energies tear you down. Look within… never externally. Get high and get fly."


Written by Franklin Aguilar

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