Black Scars Releases "home isn't home"

Hailing from Centennial, Colorado Black Scars leaves impressions wherever his sound is heard. Growing up his father would play classic hits in their basement as they played pool and that was when he fell in love with music. As the years progressed Black Scars started listening to artists such as Lil Peep, Ghostmane, $uicicdeboy$, Killstation, and Bones who all inspire him to this day. Black Scars started making music in November of  2021 and struggled a little bit in the beginning to find his sound but kept giving music his all and now has released his first song “home isn’t home”.  Black Scars is making music for those who are struggling with the troubles of dealing with divorced parents along with mental health issues like bipolar, anxiety, and severe depression. These issues make it hard for him to keep a consistent work schedule and everyday is a battle but if he can keep going and continue to do great things he wants his fans to know they can do the same. 
Black Scars first release “home isn’t home” was released on May 31, 2022. The song is about his feelings towards his dysfunctional family between his divorced parents and the toll it takes on his mental health. Needing to express himself Black Scars recorded “home isn’t home” to help process his emotions. Music is not just a hobby for him but a form of therapy to release all the pent up frustration of dealing with an uncomfortable home environment. His music is not only his escape from the darkness but he wants his fans to find comfort in his music as well. Black Scars wants to create a safe space for people and be able to take their mind off of things for a while. If a real artist who makes music with actual content in the song and with a message is what you are looking for then Black Scars is the artist for you. Make sure to check out Black Scars latest song “home isn’t home” on Spotify and Apple Music along with his Instagram @blackscarsofficial for future updates and to watch a young man’s career shoot to the stars.

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