Ben James Putting NJ On The Map

Ben James is a rising artist hailing from Princeton, NJ. Growing up in an area like that it was easy to fall in line with their society and become your average “preppy white kid”. Instead, James had other plans for himself. Stepping into the music industry as a recording artist, he has been pursuing this journey since he was just 12 years old, writing in his attic. Fast forward to now, he is a multi talented musician who records in the Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Soul genre’s. Carrying this versatility has landed Ben James a wide range of listeners as well. With a fan favorite on his discography titled “Known”, his most recent release “Manifest” has fans raving as well. Manifest was written to give people the motivation and power to become anything they want to be. Through his carefully planned lyrics and the supplemental content, Ben has given us a look into how he Manifested his own destiny. Be sure to check it out as Ben James and his music can be found on all major streaming platforms!

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