Baby4Hunnid Keeps The Music Coming For His Fans

Baby4Hunnid, an upcoming rapper on the scene from Westfield, New Jersey, dropped “No Letting Go” this past Friday and does not plan on stopping there.. Coming off a hot release with “Preach” earlier this month, the rapper keeps the music coming for his fans. We got a chance to talk to Baby4Hunnid about his inspiration and what went into making this record. The artist told us that one of his biggest motivations was the New Jersey music scene, and being told “No, you can’t do that, you don’t have it”, pushing him continue pursuing a career in music. This can clearly be seen in his delivery and tempo on his tracks. 
When asked about his genre, Baby4Hunnid told us “every single artist has their own genre” and considers an artist’s music their “personal brand”. Baby4Hunnid plans to continue dropping singles as well as work on new videos and eventually his debut album/EP. “No Letting Go” is his first song released to all platforms, a drill-track where Baby4Hunnid talks about adversity and blocking out the noise when with bars like “they talking sh*t on the gram but can’t back it up and was chosen for this, that’s facts”. This means that people don’t want to watch others win, to keep your head up, and stay focused on the end-goal.

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