Artist BaReal1 Creating His Own Sound And Style

Artist BaReal1 has been releasing music for only only a few years now, and hes back with an album titled “Love Is A Drug”. With his own sound and style on each track, he has been able to stand out amongst other artists in New Jersey. Also making sure to stay organic and incorporate real life dealings in his music, this has attracted many listeners to BaReal1. For this specific collection, he offers a take on his personal life and what he has gone through in the past. Using his music as a way to connect with others, he feels as if the topics he raps about are similar to what many people go through in life, as does BaReal1. With 2022 just under way, he has been on go mode already and we should expect a huge year. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his most recent album “Love Is A Drug”, it can be found on all major platforms as well as the rest of his discography!

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