Archangel Gabriel Enacts Creative Lyrics and Songwriting Over Up-Tempo Flows

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Archangel Gabriel has always had an intense ambition for music, but it was because he put his emotions into his craft which quickly made Gabriel more passionate as an artist. Growing up in the environment that he did, Gabriel had a tough upbringing and been through a lot that affected him. His music provides him a platform to dictate his experiences and thoughts to cope with his problems. Archangel’s music can be classified as Hip-Hop, with a mix of versatile punchlines throughout his music. Gabriel has been making and making music his whole life, he has stayed true to his ambition ever since. He is noteworthy for the creative songwriting within his music, implementing melodies and hooks. He portrays his life through his music and enacts creative lyrics and songwriting over up-tempo flows. Archangel Gabriel is working on developing his fan base by ensuring that his music is available on all platforms. He is working on communicating and connecting with his fans to start to create a buzz for his name. Gabriel’s most noteworthy release so far in his career is “Dr. Wise” which is soon to be on all platforms, with only more to come. Archangel has an array of rap speeds and styles that he can rap and flow to. Prior to the release, Gabriel had released several singles over the past year and picked up substantial momentum as he witnessed his fan base grow. He felt it was time to show his fans what his music is all about.  Archangel Gabriel has been working on building his craft throughout his musical career and not letting anything slow him down. One message he wants to get across is that “Archangel is more than just music. It’s about perspective”. He plans on dropping more music this year as well along with visuals for his content. Through his craft, Gabriel is able provide his political point as well as showing respect to his enemies. He plans to continue to mix and master his music to perfect his sound as well as networking and engaging with other artists to build his career as a musician. Keep an eye out for Gabriel on Instagram, @archangelgabrielftw, to keep up to date on his upcoming releases.

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