Apollo Is Here With A New Album

The ever-growing artist, “Apollo” dropped his newest album, titled “Classified” which released on December 12th of last year. It consists of a twelve song masterpiece. “Classified” is composed of songs with various flows and rap styles in order to showcase his versatility as an artist. The “Classified” album targets all fans in the rap and hip-hop industry, thanks to his originality and creativity. Apollo aims to showcase his versatility and his broad range of rap, to all listeners across the industry. He envisions that his music will appeal to a broad range of listeners and will assist in building a solid fan base and in turn, enhancing the “Apollo” name and image. What distinguishes Apollo from his competition is that he raps more lyrical songs and focuses on the speed of his raps, illustrating his wide skill set as an artist. Instead of primarily recording “Trap Rap”, which has been the main stream type of rap for most artists recently, Apollo has an array of rap speeds and styles that he can rap and flow to. Prior to the release, Apollo had released several singles over the past year and picked up substantial momentum as he witnessed his fan base grow. He felt it was time to show his fans what his music is all about. One of his most noteworthy songs from his release, “Dead to me”, consists of a short story of his relationship with his father growing up, and how he feels about those circumstances he endured. In it’s entirety, the song carries a lot of significance to Apollo and is a true story that a lot of people can relate to. During the process of recording and releasing “Classified”, there were trials and tribulations during the creation, as with many artists. Apollo and the artists featured in the album had a difficult time synching their schedules in order to make the songs become a reality. However, with a bit of determination they were able to create some very innovative and catchy songs together! Another noteworthy song from the album, “Trapped in the Bottle”, holds serious weight for Apollo and is based off true experiences and the struggles of addiction, experienced by himself and those around him. Additionally, the song can relate to those all over the world struggling with addiction. Apollo aspires to assist people that are going through the toxic behavior of addiction and he knows how hard it can be to lessen the ties of toxicity. Additionally, Apollo installed and refurbished a room in his house in order to build a recording studio, enhancing the audio when recording. He also uses it as a free space for other artists without expendable means of money to come and benefit from it’s use, as a way to give back to other upcoming independent artists in his community. He himself has had to endured trials and tribulations through his music career and daily day to day life, he then channels those experiences to make music that others can relate too. He strides to be the best he can be on and off of the music scene. Apollo wants to show his fans that it does not matter what your background is, when you have a dream and you’re determined to fulfill it, anything is possible! Apollo is never short of story’s and experiences to portray to his viewers. The overall message that he intends to appoint to his audience is that he wants his listeners to foresee what can be accomplished when you be yourself. Always stay true to who you are. He aspires that listeners discover songs and styles that flow and speak to them. In hopes people can find that in “Apollo Music”. Going through life, adversity and hardships will be presented. However, you can always keep your head up and never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams. He strides to continuously stay releasing story telling songs based off of his real life experiences in hopes it never stops speaking to and relating with his listeners. Just as he created a bond with other artists he looked up to and listened to in the industry, he hopes to build that same connection with his fans over the course of his career, as he has already done with so many people and continues to do. Recently, Apollo has exceeded 3,000 views on SoundCloud and released music on all major streaming platforms. Where his music is already beginning to pick up recognition, with new fans joining every day. He has big plans for the new year, with new singles, music videos, shows, and more! Be sure to follow Apollo_1699 on instagram or the “Apollo” fan page on Facebook in order to keep up to date with his journey as an artist.

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