Akee Fontane Releases West Slang

Akee Fontane has been forging a path to success ever since stepping foot into the music industry. Back again, this time with a project titled "West Slang",  this one is executively produced by Coach Ke. Looking to let his fans know who he really is as a person, Akee wants to familiarize them with what he comes from and what he stands on. Using this project to do so, Akee harps on many personal experiences and the things he has been through. The name of this project fits quite perfectly as well. Using different slang that is seen in Wilmington, Delaware where Fontane comes from, he does a great job exposing his culture to his fans.

"West Slang" by Akee Fontane also shows his long lasting potential within the music industry. Being young and creative, this has given Akee an edge on the majority of artists creating and releasing music in today’s world. With his unique and versatile style as well, Akee has been able to capture a small but growing fan base. Being a full musician from top to bottom, Fontane understands the different aspects of music, sound production and the recording process, making his music that much better. If you have not had a chance to check out his latest project "West Slang" it is available via all major streaming platforms.


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