Aj Babi Is The Next Serious Star

Hailing from Chicago Aj Babi makes waves in the music industry with sounds that inspire. Aj Babi knew music was his way of eradicating all ill feelings and letting the world know he is the next serious artist. He hopes to make his family proud, especially his father who  is looking down on him from heaven with a smile on his face. Aj Babi is not in it for the money or fame but for his “fallen angels” and city, everything else is just a nice bonus. Inspired by the likes of King Von, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, and Michael Jackson simply because they are and were able to remain loyal to their family. Aj Babi has an intense passion for music and knows his music can change people, music is what he was born to do. Additionally, he is eager and excited to create more content for his fans to dive into. 

Aj Babi dropped a captivating song back in January of 2022 called “Alexis”. This song is about his one true love and how he will do anything to make sure she knows it.

“I fell in love with you, they talking shit I shoot. Tate you mines, you mines baby, you mines.” (Lyrics from "Alexis)

Aj Babi is an R&B and Hip-Hop artist who can do it all. He promises his fans he will do everything he can musically and with every release get better as time goes on. That is a big statement considering how far he has come already. Within the next sixty days Aj Babi plans on releasing a music video and then working on an album. His overall message to his fans is just because you may not understand what you feel doesn’t mean it's not real. Make sure to check out Aj Babi on Spotify, Apple Music, and his Instagram @treacherousbabi for upcoming news and to follow along a promising journey.

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