A The Kidd Follows Up with "Love Is War 2"

As you may remember, we had the pleasure of interviewing A The Kidd back in May of 2019 shortly after he released Love Is WarThe young trap star has been recording music since the age of 14 and has continued to refine his craft since as he just released Love Is War 2 on June 8, 2020. The follow up to Love Is War contains a total of 9 tracks equaling to 21 minutes in length. The project is filled with melodic rapping on top of pure trap drums that'll have you bopping your head from beginning to end.

When asked to define what each track represents, this is what A The Kidd had to say about his craft:

"'As Usual' was made to be the first song on the project, because I wanted to make it clear that I was back and still going up - as usual."

"'Elon' I made with this burst of pure rage in me. Feeling on top of the world."

"'Trust Issues' is an uplifting spin to my terrible bond with trust."

On 'Bust It' my mood was pretty much fuck love I give up, imma get rich on my own."

"'Dancer' …I feel like with most girls it’s all about money. A girl sees 2 guys at a bar, ones got a Lambo outside in the parking lot and the other's driving a 2006 Honda civic, who do you think she’s riding shotgun with?"

"'90210' is about a girl who wants to live an expensive lifestyle with someone who sees through that and leaves her without notice."

"In 'Gucci Fire' I want it all, I'll risk anything and everything because I know the outcome."

"'Love is War 2' is an apology for leaving loose ends untied. Confused with the illusion of love, I’m lost still trying to find my way out."

"'Uptown Girls' takes all my ex’s and puts them in a group. They're all the same."


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 Backtracking to the earlier days, A The Kidd told us that when he began publishing songs to SoundCloud in 2013, he started off as “ Young-A.” Realizing the name was a tad mediocre after his first 3 years, he made the switch to A the Kidd. "I’d refer to myself as 'the Kidd' in a lot of my old songs so I pretty much combined the 2 names with the intention of creating a name that’d be simple but catchy."

When touching on his creative process he mentioned that "the way I create music to me is complex. I randomly get a burst of inspiration and go record. I’ll start by creating a hook off the top, and usually, it just happens to be something catchy. I feel like I sort of let my subconscious take control in a way because I’ll get into this out of reality zone and let my mind take over with melodic wordplay." He also included his preference for recording alone, "I don’t like anyone in the room," he mentions.

 Furthermore, we wanted to dive deeper into his inspiration behind his new project, his personal favorite tracks, and his dream collaboration, take a look:

What was your inspiration behind the Love is War series?

"Heartbreak. On 'Love is War' I tried to compose a list of songs that could reach all of your emotions with the intention of helping others get through a rough patch in their life. In the first project I was in a really dark place, I moved on and found happiness and wanted to show that in my next project. On 'Love is War 2' I wanted to give off this upbeat spacy vibe to it with a small touch of that heartbreak sound."

What’s your favorite song from Love is War 1 and 2?

"Dancing with the Devil, and As Usual."

What would be your dream collaboration?

"Trav, if X was still here it’d be him though. Rip X.



The charismatic Lyndhurst, New Jersey native concludes by opening up about his high school days when he was just starting off. "Back when I was in high school and I was getting made fun of for being this skinny white kid who makes music, I was at a point where I was gonna give up. My brother, Nick Mazz was the one who told me not to, because he believed I was made for this before I did. Honestly, if that day never happened I don’t think I'd be where I am today."

Finally, he finishes off with what he has yet to attempt. The young artist hopes to perform with a live band in the near future, "I'd love to do that one day," he states as he adds how he can be a huge over-thinker. "I strategize my every move. I care about my work and my listeners equally. When other artists reach out to me for whatever reason they may I'll always answer if I see it and I have the time. I like to help other people that could really use it, I have a gift, and if I could use it to guide someone with their craft I'm more than happy to."

Make sure to head over to his Instagram page and follow A The Kidd in his journey of turning his dream into reality. And don't forget to Stream Love Is War 2 across all major streaming platforms, you won't regret it!


Written by: Franklin Aguilar

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