A New EP Lands Via Texas Artist Kj4L

Kj4L is from Texarkana Texas, a very small city where he was inspired by the musical community. His father was the first to introduce him to music, his father held him up as a child to a microphone and told him to speak. Following that his father started rapping over a beat talking about family. That moment in time was the deciding factor in Kj4L’s life that his future needed to be music. He started taking music seriously at the age of 20 and is now 22 and comfortable with his sound. Kj4L makes music for himself and to help others who can relate to whatever he is going through. He himself now understood that he wasn’t alone in the world and his fans helped shed that light upon him. Kj4L recently released 4L Chapter on January 16, 2022, an EP about some of the things he has gone through throughout the year.

“These people they so tragic killing anything they savage.”- Kj4L

This lyric is off of “No Cap” and speaks about how in the city Kj4L is from people there are ruthless and the killings are non stop. The reason it is a chapter is because Kj4L is just now showing his feelings and life mistakes to people when it started off as a closed book. Kj4L doesn’t believe in competing in music. In his eyes music for him should be about telling a story and giving a fan someone to relate to. Kj4L wants his fans to know that whoever you are, you are not alone. Kj4L understands what it’s like to hurt but he found a way to keep going and he wants his fans to do the same. Make sure to check out Kj4L’s latest release 4L Chapter on Spotify and audiomack along with the rest of his discography and my personal favorites “Toxic” and “No Cap”.

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