6LACK Delivers "6PC HOT" for Your Enjoyment

Ricardo Valdez Valentine, Jr., musically known as 6LACK, is serving us more than just his alternative R&B ear candy nowadays. The 28-year-old Interscope serenader has dropped his new "6pc HOT" EP on June 26th, 2020 along with a special addition to his project release, leaving fans with an innovative twist on his music and brand.




 Inside the 6pc HOT EP, he delivers six songs under his own hybrid form of R&B and hip-hop flow. In addition to his release, he gave some love to spicy sauce lovers everywhere through unveiling his own hot sauce brand called "600 Degrees Original".


The first track titled, "ATL Freestyle", presents his versality within interchanging his sultry, raspy vocals to transitioning into rapping throughout the song. The undertone within the song serves as a reminder that he has remained as the same down-to-earth dude, never losing sight of who surrounded him under a good or bad influence.


His second track, "Long Nights" featuring Ari Lennox, begins with a smooth saxophone and the capricious line of "I got a good side, got a bad side, do you wanna find out?". He narrates the insight of his romantic interest's hesitation to trust, through their pursuit in lust and love. Ultimately, the song illustrates that it is undeniable to resist someone who is truly irresistible to you and it's only right to enjoy the "Long Nights" spent together.


The third track, "Float", quickly became a trending topic to the public via Twitter which followed his announcement of the EP. Through the slow guitar chords and dreamy background vocals, he sings his struggle to stay afloat throughout the personal and external disruptions of life.


In his first verse, he states "If you took me for granted, that's a shame/Make sure you love me 'fore the world go out in flames/Hey God, listen, it's been too hard" recognizing the emotional wedge of the world as well as his own in his musical career.


The fourth track, "Know My Rights" featuring Lil Baby, provides the commentary of these two successful musicians navigating their status in the rap game and their own recipe for success through paving their way. Straight into the first verse, 6LACK paid homage to basketball legend, Kobe Bryant by stating, "R.I.P to 24, now my foot on the gas (Know that), yeah".


The fifth track, "Elephant In The Room", begins with a distorted, trippy 808 beat with a classic 6lack vibe discussing the compromise and downfall of a relationship. The smooth, layered vocals metaphorically walks his fans through the understanding that he will choose his dreams over love.


The final track, "Outside", is used beautifully as an euphemism to explore the relationships he experienced and the impeccable end of quarantining and social distancing. 


 It's good to see 6LACK back on the scene with his new projects and insights! What do you think about the new EP or the sauce? Let us know by commenting below.


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Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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