22Rich Showing His Music Hits Hard

Hailing from Hawthorne, California, a troubled and crime-infested neighborhood, 22Rich possessed a clear vision to make it out the hood. Growing up in the tumultuous environment that he did has assisted in shaping him into the hard worker that he is contemporarily. As well as the passing of his brother made Rich a stronger person and only motivated him more to push himself to where he needs to be and reach the top. The tough upbringing & passing of his brother that 22Rich went through shaped him as a person and artist. He is able to express overcoming tough times through his music. The number one life lesson that he has learned from his experiences growing up is not to vent and complain, instead people should channel their energy into positively pursuing your dreams. 22Rich’s music sticks out due to the uniqueness of it. He can dictate his music through his flow, rhythm, and lyrics. He looks up to mainstream artists; such as Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Hopsin, and Meek Mill. All of these artists have had a substantial impact on 22Rich’s music. He is solely focused on getting his music out there and making a name for himself. 22Rich is going to continue to produce music that his listeners can relate with and derive inspiration from. The EP named “Still Here” released on November 24th of this calendar year. “Still Here” is his first six tracks since 2020. He promises that the EP is worth the wait and will consist of unique flow and creative beats in order to keep his fans surprised and entertained. He fully believes that the upcoming release represents his best work. His music does not target a specific segment or demographic of the population, his music pertains to people of all ages and genders. In order to advertise and get his music out there, 22Rich intends on utilizing bold, sound, and effective marketing strategies to catch the eyes of viewers. He is focused on getting his music out there in order to build a fan base. 22Rich is on the rise to stardom and has released hit songs that have gained exposure. His recent releases have added to his monument as an artist and he has received respect from those in the industry. What distances 22Rich from his completion is his ability to block outside noise from doubters and naysayers. He is able to deal with criticism very well and does not allow what outsiders have to say affect him. He is locked in and focused on working on his craft. He is not concerned at all about the criticism that comes from outsiders. 22Rich realizes that they have no impact on his music creation. He consistently brings that continuous passion and energy in order to enhance and further his career. 22Rich believes that his upcoming releases will gain even more exposure and viewership. He is ready to elevate himself in the industry and reach the next level as an artist. The inspiration and purpose of the upcoming release stems from recent life obstacles that really made 22Rich rethink his career. Throughout all the adversity that has come his way, he has been able to beat the odds and remain focused on developing himself as an artist. A noteworthy lyric from the release, “Let’s get it right, let’s get rich for life” and embodies the life he is pursuing with no hesitation. Overall, his music provides inspiration and motivation for his listeners. He is an artist that has big dreams and is actively pursuing them. His music relates to listeners that have those same high aspirations. Those who look to go out and chase their dreams. What went into the creation of this release was embracing his true mind and thoughts, being creative throughout the process. 22Rich foresees that the upcoming release will be a monumental statement and listeners will take notice. He is going to continue to work on his craft as an artist. The message he intends to cast to his listeners is that he is still here and better than ever. Go follow @_22rich on instagram to follow his journey as an artist.

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