2014omri Has A Different Style Than Most Artist's We Have Came Across

2014omri is from Urbana Ohio where he was surrounded by music. At four years old he started playing guitar and piano which led him to making beats later in life. Music runs in the family for 2014omri and his way of expression, an outlet to get whatever he has on his mind out in the open. This way 2014omri can connect with his audience on a more personal level just like any artist should. 

“My lyrics are everything to me, a song is not a good song if the lyrics have no meaning.” (2014omri, 2022)

With almost two decades of music experience in his pocket and that deciding moment in his life to release music has elevated his ability and determination to release music with a more powerful message. Inspired by the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Sueco, POORSTACY, Lil Peep, brakence, and Paramore. 2014omri’s musical style is on the pop-rock scale but he can switch it up easily which is why it is hard to say what genre he belongs to because of his versatility. 

2014omri is releasing an album on May 16, 2022 called Anthem For The End Timez. The message behind the album is the idea of someone’s world ending. Whether that be emotionally, physically, or mentally, and how important it is to take the time we have now to live life to the fullest. 2014omri wants his fans to know that 2014 was the worst year of his life. The colors in his life were taken away but he has gotten them back. If he can do it then anyone can. The goal is to acknowledge that the bad times aren’t going to last forever and beauty will return in your life after a period of self reflection. Be on the lookout for Anthem For The End Timez dropping mid-May and check out the rest of his discography on Spotify and Apple Music along with my personal favorite “bring back the colors”.

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