1click.guapo Is A Name To Get Familiar With

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, 1click.guapo is an up-and coming versatile hip-hop artist. 1click.guapo was motivated by his pure talent and passion for music, especially seeing small artist like himself and saw them impact they were making with music in their community. 1click.guapo found his passion for becoming a music artist at an early stage in his life. 1click.guapo’s distinctive music ability has opened a bright path for himself in this upcoming year as a musician. 1click.guapo’s music consists of drill and trap type beats mixed with his unique style of flows, as well as his lyrical punchlines throughout his songs. Guapo has seen a huge rise in his recent support, which has kept him pushing and moving forward as an artist. Coming off a strong year, 1click.guapo ends off 2022 by just recently dropping “VIRGIL”. Released on October 6th, “VIRGIL” really started to create a buzz for 1click.guapo’s monument as an artist. This release was targeted for everyone but tends to connect with young adults who have struggled in life and been through it all to stay on top. 1click.guapo plans to keep his head down while continuing to work on his craft and be consistent with dropping content for his audience. Guapo has always been one for separating himself from his competitors by networking and engaging with others to utilize his resources around him as well as keep a positive group with him that pushes each other to be the best each person can be. What separates 1click.guapo from others is his versatile lines and his drive to not stop until he gets to the top. He is currently on working in the studio day in and day out to perfect his professionalism as a musician and start pushing out more music for his fans. As well as teaming up with Untitledexport Management to further guide him along his career to help him as an artist. He ready to do whatever it takes, while using his opportunities along his journey and utilize them towards his advantage. Make sure to stay tuned for his venture as an artist on Instagram @1click.guapo.

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