1142 has Mastered His Craft and has A lot He Wants to Get Off his Chest

1142 first created a buzz with his mindfulness anthem “Breathe Relax & Meditate “ which featured Massachusetts heavyweight Kyle Bent back in 2019 and ended up going viral on Soundcloud racking up over 150,000 streams. 1142 has mastered his craft and has a lot he wants to get off his chest. After releasing “Incase You Forgot” and “ Relax Proudly” 1142 makes it evident that his lyricism isnt to be taken lightly. 1142 paints a picture for his listener to question the life their living now versus the life they could live. 1142 is a breathe of fresh air to the music industry and makes music for any demographic. Whether its on your way to church or on your way to the club,1142 music creates an environment in his music where it can be played anywhere and anytime on max volume.

Wing It ( Listen To Your Angels) is 1142s latest release and has taken storm on the internet. Wing It is a dedication to the feminine, in a world filled with toxic masculinity and where rape culture is still accepted and domestic abuse is still an issue in our society. Wing It is a way of showing the feminine they are safe and protected and loved. 1142 provides a different perspective on how men should show up and appreciate their lovers and women in general. 1142 hopes to reverse the toxic masculinity in our society and bring back unconditional love between relationships. 1142 has an album set to release in February and by the sound of his last 3 releases, its safe to say we are in for a treat. Keep your ears and eyes open for the blessings 1142 has gifted us.

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